Paul Brown first began to paint in oils as a teenager and won several prizes for painting was still at school. His art teacher at the time felt that Brown was the most naturally gifted pupil he had taught at the local comprehensive school in over 20 years of teaching.

After a very brief spell working in Central London, Brown held his first one man show in the unlikely venue of a church vestibule in The City of London in 1992.  This exhibition was well received, and led to further exhibitions and interest from several art dealers. Brown exhibited at The Edith Grove Gallery in Chelsea and Century Galleries at Henley-on-Thames, in the mid 1990's. However, by 1997 Brown decided to organise his own London exhibitions and act as his own dealer.

Brown held solo exhibitions in Bloomsbury for several years before progressing to the heart of the London Art world which is Cork Street in Mayfair. Brown has successfully exhibited in Mayfair for the last 12 years and has built an international following. His work has been eagerly collected by former Prime Ministers, playwrights, entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, musicians, merchant bankers and The Aristocracy.

Paul has a distinctive painting style, combining painting techniques in his own unique way. His use of light and colour is striking and his choice of subject matter is often uplifting. He can employ discreet brush strokes or use a more spread out blended technique. He can adopt his handling to the larger format when necessary, substituting smaller dabs of paint to larger more energetic strokes suited to the more expansive canvas. His landscape paintings are reminiscent of the impressionists, whereas, his Venetian canvas's are generally more painterly. In contrast his figurative paintings use a somewhat tighter handling. Brown is similar to Renoir in so far as he finds continuity of style in conflict with different subjects, formats and light effects.

Brown works regularly to commission and travels extensively to find material. In the last few years in has visited New York, Venice, Paris, Rome, Corfu, Tuscany and numerous place in the UK including Scotland and Cornwall. Brown recently completed a painting of the guitarist Eric Clapton and his three daughters as a present from his wife to celebrate his 65th birthday.

In the last ten years Brown has generously donated his oil paintings to several American and British charities. These have included ARTrageous in New York, and The Starlight Children's Charity, Cancer Research, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and Shelter in the UK.  Brown's kind donations to the Starlight Charity alone have raised over £200,000 to help very sick and terminally ill children.