Painting Commission Prices


Size                                                                                                     price

8"x10"                                                                                               £1,250.00

10”x12”                                                                                             £1,750.00

12”x16”                                                                                             £1,950.00

16”x20”                                                                                             £2,850.00

18”x24”                                                                                             £3,500.00

20”x30”                                                                                             £5,500.00

24”x36”                                                                                             £7,000.00

30”x40”                                                                                             £8,500.00

36”x54”                                                                                             £12,000.00

40”x60”                                                                                             £18,000.00

 60”x80”                                                                                            £24,000.00

24"x18"x3       (triptychs)                                                                 £10,000.00

30"x20"x3                                                                                         £12,000.00

36"x24"x3                                                                                         £15,000.00

Payment Half as deposit: half on completion and acceptance. (Should you decide not to accept the completed painting I will keep the deposit and the painting.)
Frame A suitable will cost in the region of 10%-20% of the painting. (depending on size and style) I should be happy to arrange framing with you.
Yours sincerely,

Paul Brown

VAT NO : 167 9183 65